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Clarity Environmental celebrates its 20th year of business

We thank our scheme members and partners for their ongoing support, and we look forward to the next 20 years of Clarity.

Clarity Environmental was founded in 2002 by our Managing Director, David Honcoop. With a family heritage in the waste and recycling industry, our business initially traded in packaging recovery notes, the evidence of recycling needed by packaging producers to comply with the regulations.

It was then, when David set out to build the business upon a strong foundation of values, and a mission which would enable the company to make a difference to the world we live in and all who occupy it. Two decades later this mission drives our day-to-day decisions and quality standards, and we are incredibly proud of our high staff retention whilst continuing to increase headcount significantly across all areas of the business, maximising the difference we make, and placing our core values at the forefront of all we do.

Our Values

Clarity Values

The business soon experienced rapid and substantial growth and we became known as one of the UK’s largest compliance schemes and traders of Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs).

The move to our current premises in Woodingdean, near Brighton, enabled us to rapidly expand the team. This in turn ensured we could continue to provide trusted, robust services delivered by a hugely talented team of experts and leading industry professionals. Due to our continued expansion, plans are in place for remodelling of our office space to support our ambitious growth plans and development of our services.

In 2018 Clarity pledged to donate at least 1% of our annual profits to charity. Since then, we have supported over 10 charities via our ClarityCares partnership programme such as The Wetlands Trust, National Forest, Canine Partners, City to sea and supported many more local and national charities on a donation basis in their mission to make a difference to the world. 

Throughout my time at Clarity self-development and continuous improvement have been constantly championed. With the support from the Clarity team, I have been empowered to change career paths from project manager of our WEEE compliance scheme to 11 years later developing an internal coaching and development programme which led me to my current role of Assistant Director of People and Culture. Alongside our leading professional coaching programme, monthly wellness challenges, weekly PT sessions at the office, substantial bonus scheme and a team of supportive managers – you are thoroughly looked after at Clarity.

We are an ambitious team and pride ourselves on our ability to evolve alongside modern technologies and adapt to changes in the industry. Whilst our PRN trading division remains a core part of our business, we have successfully diversified into other areas within the resources and recycling sector and our services today provide a range of market-leading services within environmental compliance, trading, recovery, and recycling.

Over the last two years we have successfully established three new services to enhance the difference we make:

Complete Data Solutions

The purpose of this continually innovating service is to provide reliable, accurate data support assured by our quality standards, therefore achieving total peace of mind. We are proud to work with many international businesses choosing us for our account management support and trusted data services.

Clarity’s Recycling Evidence Quality Standard (CREQS)

We have also established CREQS the industry’s first recycling quality standard. Clarity’s Recycling Evidence Quality Standard (CREQS) answers over and above the legal requirements, mitigates risk for our packaging compliance scheme members, and supports and promotes responsible recycling.

Recycle with Clarity

In addition, we have Recycle with Clarity which has been developed to create sustainable circular solutions, utilising our network of trusted, high-quality reprocessors to ensure waste is managed in the most ethical and sustainable way, making improvements to ease and quality and often reducing cost.

There is still much more to come from these innovating business areas and further new service developments on the horizon.

We are passionate about bringing transparency, cost reduction and ethics to the compliance, recovery and recycling sectors and are proud to have built a team which make our core values a way of life. Our people are our number one asset, which is why we have a growing People Team dedicated to improving how we look after our employees, so our team can provide an even greater service to our clients.

Our values drive our decisions for how we recruit and invest in our staff to ensure we attract the best, develop the best, retain the best and therefore deliver the best throughout all our services. Our ethical principles are deeply rooted in our business, shared by the entire team and the foundation of all that we do.

The last 20 years have been a hugely transformative time for waste and recycling; it has been an incredible journey evolving our business alongside the industry.

The last 20 years have been a hugely transformative time for waste and recycling; it has been an incredible journey evolving our business alongside the industry. With new industry demands, increasing legislative changes, and world altering global events, at Clarity we are committed to progression; consistently meeting challenge with resilience and finding sustainable solutions.

We thank our scheme members and partners for their ongoing support, and we look forward to the next 20 years of Clarity.

Clarity have really helped us with budget. Their Account Management team spent the time explaining the market forecast on each recycling grade and are constantly there to offer support. With Plastic Packaging Tax, Clarity have supported us with answering any and all queries, in addition to holding very helpful webinars. We have benefited so much from being a customer of Clarity Environmental.

Berry Gardens, Comply with Clarity member


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