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Hannah joined Clarity in early 2024 as the Executive Assistant to our CEO, Natalie Rea. With nearly a decade of experience as a Personal Assistant and Executive Assistant, Hannah brings a wealth of expertise in supporting high-level executives and enhancing organisational efficiency. A focus on sustainability in her most recent role has deepened her understanding of environmental responsibility, aligning perfectly with Clarity’s mission.

In her role, Hannah is dedicated to streamlining the CEO’s day-to-day operations, enabling Natalie to focus more on strategic initiatives that drive Clarity’s mission forward. Her efforts are instrumental in ensuring that our leadership can effectively guide the company in providing expert, ethical, cost-effective environmental care and compliance services.

Drawn to Clarity by shared principles of care, commitment to improving lives, and protecting nature, her alignment with our core values and her professional expertise enhances her ability to support not only our CEO but also the broader goals of Clarity, ultimately benefiting the operational efficiency of our business and the delivery of our expert services to our members and clients.

Want to join our team?

Whatever your skills, we value integrity, honesty, loyalty and continual self-improvement. If we sound like the kind of company you would like to be a part of and think you have the skills that could benefit our business, please get in touch by sending your CV and a cover letter to